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Tools Mister Workflow uses to implement workflows:
Mister Workflows uses Workflowy tool
Mister Workflow uses Miro tool
Mister Workflow uses Clickup tool


Workflows matter

A workflow is a process that involves multiple steps, by multiple people to get work done. A single workflow can exist across multiple business applications.
An example: a website visitor fills in a form on your website (powered by WordPress). This form is handled by a sales rep (in Pipedrive). After this step the sales rep hands it over to the delivery rep (in ClickUp). When the delivery rep is finished the customer service rep takes care of the after sales (In ClickUp & a finance app).
If you design and implement the workflows in your business in the right way, processes can accelerate.

Why your company

Needs workflows

A well designed workflow
Workflows help to get work done faster

helps you to get your work done faster

Workflows help to get work done in a reliable way

helps you to get your work done in a more reliable way

Workflows can be easily shared with team members

can be easily shared with others

workflows work across multiple applications

works across multiple business applications

Mister Workflow helps to implement workflows

How Mister Workflow

Can help your team

Analyzing business needs into workflow designs.

Turning designs into the right setup in business applications such as ClickUp, Integromat, etc.

Providing training to implement the workflow solutions

Converting data from other tools.

Mister Workflow offers ongoing support to help you out when you and your team are having troubles with your workflows.

Integrations with several business applications as well.

Mister Workflow


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Mister Workflow

Maarten Tigchelaar is a business consultant with more than 10 years experience in helping business thrive by organizing their processes, projects and workflows. He also trains people in managing their workflow and being more productive.
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